Cleaning Supplies
Due to its hydrophilic, soft, absorbent, and cleaning properties, foam has become an ideal material for many cleaning supplies.
Wiping Products:
Foam can be used to manufacture various wiping products, such as magic eraser sponge, natural loofahs, and cleaning sponges. Its excellent absorbency allows efficient absorption of water and dirt, and its soft texture reduces damage to surfaces while minimizing the need for excessive cleaning agents.
Cleaning Sponges:
Foam is widely used in the production of cleaning sponges, including bath sponges, kitchen sponges, dishwashing sponges, and bottle brushes. They are used for applying and wiping detergents and cleaning agents, providing a gentle and effective cleaning effect.
Product Packaging:
Foam bags are commonly used for packaging and protecting cleaning supplies like facial cleansers, toners, and lotions. They provide a lightweight and soft protective layer, preventing container breakage or damage to the product's appearance.
Diffusers and Spray Bottles:
Foam materials are frequently used in diffusers and spray bottles to disperse cleaning agents, air fresheners, disinfectants, etc. They can efficiently absorb and release liquids, ensuring an even distribution and providing a long-lasting and balanced cleaning effect.
Product Pads and Protection Pads:
Foam materials can be used to manufacture pads and protection pads for cleaning products. For example, they can be used as sink pads, sink protector mats, and dishwasher mats, offering anti-slip and protective functions while reducing the risk of scratching and wear on utensils.